Our Partners

Working in partnership with Yorkshire Energy Services.YES Energy Solutions is the new trading name for the Yorkshire Energy Services group.

YES Energy Solutions work with many different partner organisations to deliver effective energy saving initiatives.

As a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), we are keen to boost local and regional supply chains and work with a broad cross section of companies to make the most of our diverse skills.

Click on the banners below to see some of the recent partners we have collaborated with on effective retro fit programmes:

Local Authorities

    Local Authority Partners: Websites:                                                                       

  Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council -    www.basingstoke.gov.uk  
  Bradford Council -   www.bradford.gov.uk  
  Calderdale Council -   www.calderdale.gov.uk  
  Doncaster Council -   www.doncaster.gov.uk  
  East Hampshire District Council -   www.easthants.gov.uk  
  Eastleigh Borough Council -   www.eastleigh.gov.uk  
  Fareham Borough Council -   www.fareham.gov.uk  
  Gosport District Council -   www.gosport.gov.uk  
  Hampshire County Council -   www.hants.gov.uk/  
  Hart Borough Council -   www.hart.gov.uk  
  Havant Borough Council -   www.havant.gov.uk  
  Kirklees Council -   www.kirklees.gov.uk  
  Leeds City Council -   www.leeds.gov.uk  
  New Forest District Council -   www.newforest.gov.uk  
  North East Lincolnshire Council -   www.nelincs.gov.uk  
  North Lincolnshire Council -   www.northlincs.gov.uk  
  Rotherham Council -   www.rotherham.gov.uk  
  Rushmoor Borough Council -   www.rushmoor.gov.uk  
  Sheffield City Council -   www.sheffield.gov.uk  
  South Kestevens District Council -   www.southkesteven.gov.uk  
  Test Valley Borough Council -   www.testvalley.gov.uk  
  Wakefield Council -   www.wakefield.gov.uk  
  Winchester City Council -   www.winchester.gov.uk  

Housing Associations

    Housing Association Partners: Websites:                                                               

  Anchor -    www.anchor.org.uk  
  Berneslai Homes -   hwww.berneslaihomes.co.uk  
  Connect Housing -   www.connecthousing.org.uk  
  First Wessex Housing -   www.firstwessex.org  
  Forestry Commission -   www.forestry.gov.uk  
  Haig Homes -   www.haighomes.org.uk  
  Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing -   www.knh.org.uk  
  Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association -   www.lyha.co.uk  
  Leeds Federated Housing -   www.lfha.co.uk  
  National Housing Federation -   www.housing.org.uk  
  North Lincolnshire Homes -   www.nlhomes.org.uk  
  Pennine Housing -   www.ph2k.org.uk  
  Sovereign -   www.sovereign.org.uk  
  St Annes Community Services -   www.st-annes.org.uk  
  St Leger Homes -   www.stlegerhomes.co.uk  
  Thames Valley Housing -   www.tvha.co.uk  
  West North West Homes Leeds -   www.leeds.gov.uk  

Community Groups / Organisations

    Community Partners: Websites:                                    

  Andover Transition Town -     www.transitiontownandover.org.uk  
  Bradford Environmental Action Trust (BEAT) -   www.beat.org.uk/web/  
  Energy Alton -   www.energyalton.co.uk  
  Greening Chineham -   www.greeningchineham.org.uk  
  Havant Goes greener -   www.havantgoesgreener.org.uk  
  Holmfirth Transition Towns (HoTT) -   www.transitionnetwork.org  
  Kirklees Partnership Outreach Service (KPOS) -   www.kirkleesareas.wordpress.com  
  Roundhay Environmental Action Project (REAP) -   www.reap-leeds.org.uk  
  Settle Hydro -   www.settlehydro.org.uk  
  Sheffield Renewables -   www.sheffieldrenewables.org.uk  
  South Yorkshire Energy Centre -   www.syec.co.uk  
  Transition Town Romsey -   www.transitiontownromsey.co.uk  
  Yorkshire and the Humber Microgeneration Partnership -   www.yhmp.org  

Energy Companies / Networks

  Utility Partners: Websites:                                                                         

  E.ON -    www.eonenergy.com  
  EDF Energy -   www.edfenergy.com  
  Eggbourough Power -   www.eggboroughpower.co.uk  
  Good Energy -   www.goodenergy.co.uk  
  Npower -   www.npower.com  
  ScottishPower -   www.scottishpower.co.uk  
  Southern Gas Networks -   www.sgn.co.uk  
  SSE -   www.sse.com  

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Introducing YES Energy Solutions

Yorkshire Energy Services CIC is now trading as YES Energy Solutions! We have decided to move forward with a new brand, a new image and fresh outlook on sustainable energy.

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