Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Opportunities YES Energy Solutions is the new trading name for the Yorkshire Energy Services group.

Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives with YES Energy Solutions.

•    Are you aware of your organisations impact on the environment?
•    Do you have a policy in place to offset your carbon emissions?
•   Are you looking at supporting your community outside of the workplace?

YES Energy Solutions are seeking proactive businesses who want to facilitate Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and help their customers, employees and partners save energy and money.     

Whether you’re looking to introduce an employee engagement strategy or offer your stakeholders support with energy saving advice, YES Energy Solutions will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your environmental goals.

We have a unique outreach services and can work directly with your organisation to strengthen public awareness. As experts in the sustainable energy industry, we can help your organisation become an energy saving advocate and raise your ecological profile.

For more information on our CSR programmes call 01422 880100 or Contact Us.

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Introducing YES Energy Solutions

Yorkshire Energy Services CIC is now trading as YES Energy Solutions! We have decided to move forward with a new brand, a new image and fresh outlook on sustainable energy.

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